Free Standing

  • Jindara Franklin Townsend Gawler

    Jindara Franklin Townsend Gawler

    Sure to become a design icon — the new, sleek and modern Jindara Franklin, Townsend and Gawler provide all the benefits of radiant style wood heating. Perfect for homes with poor insulation or high ceilings, Radiant heaters emit heat directly through the outer surface of the firebox, rapidly warming your space. Standard Features Firebrick Lined Dual baffle…

  • Jindara Kimberley Hamersley

    Jindara Kimberley Hamersley

    The Jindara Kimberley and Hamersley heaters have been warming Australian homes for generations.  Ultra-reliable and cast-iron lined with heavy-duty 6mm firebox. Standard Features 3 Speed Fan Cast Iron Lined 8mm Steel Baffle Plate Firebrick-lined heater base 10 Year Warranty

  • Jindara Tilga Grange Freestanding

    Jindara Tilga Grange Freestanding

    The Jindara Tilga and Grange are as powerful as they are beautiful. Incorporating the very best of what the Jindara range has to offer, these cast-iron lined woodheaters are perfect for those looking to invest in a visually stunning centrepiece for their home without compromise on performance. Standard Features Sleek and Modern Design 3-Speed Fan Cast Iron…

  • Lopi Answer 2020

    Lopi Answer 2020

    It may be small, but the Answer 2020 compact size belies its incredible heating capacity. The Answer uses a five-sided convection chamber to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. Cool room air is naturally drawn around the hot firebox, heated, and returned back into the room without using a blower. The Answer’s .05 cubic metre…

  • Lopi Answer 2020 Inbuilt

    Lopi Answer 2020 Inbuilt

    The Answer 2020 Inbuilt is a great size for small existing fireplaces. It’s size belies its incredible heating capacity. The Answer Inbuilt uses a five-sided convection chamber to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. Cool room air is naturally drawn around the hot firebox, heated, and returned back into the room without using a blower. The…

  • Lopi Evergreen

    Lopi Evergreen

    The mid-sized Evergreen wood stove with its gentle curved lines complements any home’s decor while artfully presenting heavy gauge steel unibody construction and a cast iron door. The result is exquisite and reliable heating for decades to come. With the standard bypass damper we’ve given you full control over the flow of smoke inside your Evergreen. Simply…

  • Lopi Rockport

    Lopi Rockport

    The Lopi Rockport combines cast iron beauty with optimum heat performance and solid construction to bring you the perfect mid-sized wood stove. The Rockport features an elegant, clean design with beautiful European castings, bold lines and a gentle curved shape that will complement any homes decor. This heavy duty stove features a large firebox, 165 square…

  • Nectre N15 - Woodstacker

    Nectre N15 – Woodstacker

    If you don’t have much space to play with – don’t worry. The Nectre 15 is simple, classic and compact but offers an impressive radiant heating capacity of up to 160m2. The Nectre 15 is the perfect choice for adding some wood fire magic to any corner of the room. Grab a book and get…

  • Nectre N60 - Curved

    Nectre N60 – Curved

    The Nectre N60 is easily a crowd favourite with its tall, sleek, award winning design. With the choice of white tiled sides, curved sides or naked black sides, it will complement any home’s interior design. Black metallic paint finish Steel door with ceramic glass Highly efficient of up to 84% Choice of three exterior coverings


    Pacific Energy Alderlea T5

    The Alderlea T5 may look like a traditional cast iron wood heater, but underneath that cast iron look is one of the most modern wood heaters in performance and design. With elegant, historic styling that adds to the decor of any room, the T5 combines the best of cast iron and steel wood heaters. It…

  • Pacific Energy Neo 2.5

    PACIFIC ENERGY NEO 2.5 Freestanding

    The Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 is one amazing heater! There is so much to say about this wood fire! Firstly, the performance. With a max efficiency of 89% / average at 82% – this heater will burn almost 3 trailer loads of wood less per year than most other heaters. The Neo 2.5 has an…

  • Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Insert


    ntroducing the Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Insert Fireplace: Where Efficiency Meets Elegance in Perfect Harmony Elevate your home’s heating experience with the Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Insert Fireplace. Impeccably engineered for top-tier performance and adorned with timeless elegance, this exceptional insert fireplace seamlessly marries modern innovation with classic charm. Redefine your space’s warmth and aesthetics…


    The Pacific Energy Super LE wood heater is the perfect wood heater for homes that need serious heat. With an extremely deep firebox, you can put up to 450mm lengths of wood in this heater, and have it burning up to 15 hours on a full load of wood! With an impressive cook top, and…

  • Sculpt 1000FS Double Sided

    Sculpt 1000FS Double Sided

    The French artisan engineered Axis I1000FS Double Sided is highly sought after by those who prize the sleek elegance of a panoramic wood heater combined with an unbelievable heating performance and double sided viewing area. With the ability to introduce fresh air into the firebox with the optional outdoor air kit (recommended for 6 or more star…

  • Sculpt Black-Auror

    Sculpt Aurore Stove

    The Seguin Aurore free standing wood heater introduces a new height of style and functionality. The unique shape of the Seguin Aurore will definitely be an aesthetic crowd pleaser. The mighty hand crafted Seguin Aurore offers two dampers allowing for complete temperature control. Along with it’s unique shape, the Seguin Aurore also features two side…

  • Sculpt Multivision 8000 4 Sided Cheminee

    Sculpt Multivision 8000 4 Sided Cheminee

    Beautiful from all angles, we are excited to announce that the world’s first four sided glass slow combustion wood fireplace is now available in Australia, the Seguin Multivision 8000 4 Sided Cheminee Fireplace four sided glass. With its pure cast iron construction, two swinging glass doors and two glass sides, gazing through the dancing flames…