ADF Linea 100 L

Crafted from high grade durable steel and boasting a modern, sleek look, the Linea 100 L by ADF is the perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary décor. The Linea 100 L is not just a fireplace, it’s a focal point that will transform your living space. With its generous height and unadorned surfaces, it’s a statement piece that combines style with functionality.

  • 200 – 250 qqm
  • Clean modern design with a timeless charm
  • Ventilation Fan Kit [sold separately]
  • Vermiculite lined fire chamber for quick heat distribution
  • Generous viewing window
  • Powerful 17.0kW rated heat output
  • Automatic flue damper
  • Air-flow technology
  • Concealed door opening
  • Removeable Door Handle
  • User friendly single lever operation
  • Constructed from high-strength 5mm quality steel

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