Maintenance Products

  • 6′′ Flue Brush Kit – 5m Extension

    Clean your flue safely from the ground and up to 5m with Forge’s flexible flue brush kit. Pull-thru and rooftop cleaning options are also supported. Product by Forge.

  • 6′′ Pull Through Flue Brush – 10m Rope

    Attach the snap-lock weighted ball-and-chain and brush to each end of the rope and pull thru the flue for an easy cleaning solution. Product by Forge.

  • All Natural Sureburn Firelighters

    All Natural Sureburn Firelighters $6.50 Non-toxic ✅ All Natural ✅ Odour Free ✅ Easy to light ✅ Residue Free ✅ Sureburn Firelighters are proudly environmentally friendly and conveniently waterproof with 24 snap off blocks per pack. $6.50ea. Suitable for solid fuel heaters, open fires & BBQ’s 🌱♻️

  • Firebricks – Assorted

    Firebricks designed for high temperatures. Measurements can be compared however brick sizing is extremely specific to your woodheater’s model, make and year. Please find this information to assist us if an order is needed.

  • High Temperature Fibreglass Rope

    High temperature Fibreglass Rope designed for re-roping wood heater doors. 6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 19mm Inquire for availability.

  • Hot Spot Ready To Use Mortar

    Ideal for setting firebricks, installing and repairing fireplaces, chimneys, fuel stoves and barbeques.

  • Instant Brick – Castable Cement

    Ideal for replacing or repairs firebricks, building firepits, pizza ovens and heat resistant up to.1000°C.

  • Pyrogrip High Temp Adhesive

    Pyrogrip Adhesive is used for high temperature fiberglass rope and wood heaters. Rated upto 1200°c.

  • Ruco Woodheater Glass Cleaner

    Ruco Woodheater Glass Cleaner is amazing for melting away build up off your woodheater door! Powerful & fast-acting Spray & wipe application No ammonia. No harsh fumes

  • Smart Burn

    Smart Burn is a technology which removes existing creosote and prevents further build up, cleans heater glass, achieves more value for your wood with less smoke. This product is effective for up to 3 months.This product is not a replacement for a proper flue clean, which is essential for your safety.

  • Stove Bright Touch Up Spray Paint

    High temperature spray paint is used to touch up wood heaters and flue’s. Metallic Black, Flat Black, Satin Black, Charcoal & Brownfire Gold. Call to check availability.

  • Stove putty

    Ideal for installing fiberglass rope in fire doors, filling holes and cracks, sealing flues and grates or general repairs to wood heaters, fuel stoves and barbeques. Ensures smoke and gas tight joints, heat resistance up-to 1400°C, an excellent adhesion.