ADF Linea 100 B

Not only does the ADF Linea 100 B excel in aesthetics, but it also delivers exceptional performance. With an 64% heat efficiency, 1.2grams/kg emissions this fireplace will help you keep your energy consumption in check while keeping your home comfortably warm. Internally an automatic flue damper is designed to significantly reduce smoke ingress into the room during refuelling, by increasing the flue draft. While a high-density thermal lining helps insulate the firebox. In addition, a clean burn system introduces pre-heated combustion air to increase the heat output, and air flow technology to ensure that any solid particles and volatile gases produced by the fire are re-ignited and burnt off before they can re-enter the atmosphere.

  • 200-250 sqm
  • Clean modern design with a timeless charm
  • Ventilation Fan Kit [sold separately]
  • Vermiculite lined fire chamber for quick heat distribution
  • Generous viewing window
  • Powerful 17.0kW rated heat output
  • Automatic flue damper
  • Air-flow technology
  • Concealed door opening
  • Removeable Door Handle
  • User friendly single lever operation
  • Constructed from high-strength 5mm quality steel
  • Selection of steel benches [pre-made with fan cut out] can be used with or without the fan kit [sold separately]

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