Heat Charm C600 Models

With woodheaters that display the most amazing
views, like the Port Phillip with its large and stylish
self-cleaning bay view window to the Victorian
which combines the latest innovations in slow
combustion heating with an elegant timeless
design, Heatcharm woodheaters are the automatic
choice if you are looking for a new woodheater with
a difference.

  • C600 Port Phillip Bay Window Freestanding
  • C600 Pedestal Series 8 Pedestal
  • C600 Console Series 8 Freestanding

  • C600 Console Tabletop Series 8


  • Australian Made
  • Heats up to 33 squares*
  • 3 speed fan
  • Durable cast iron liners
  • 3 colour options for C500 + C600 models
  • 10 Year firebox warranty

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