• Jindara Franklin Townsend Gawler

    Jindara Franklin Townsend Gawler

    Sure to become a design icon — the new, sleek and modern Jindara Franklin, Townsend and Gawler provide all the benefits of radiant style wood heating. Perfect for homes with poor insulation or high ceilings, Radiant heaters emit heat directly through the outer surface of the firebox, rapidly warming your space. Standard Features Firebrick Lined Dual baffle…

  • Jindara Kimberley Hamersley

    Jindara Kimberley Hamersley

    The Jindara Kimberley and Hamersley heaters have been warming Australian homes for generations.  Ultra-reliable and cast-iron lined with heavy-duty 6mm firebox. Standard Features 3 Speed Fan Cast Iron Lined 8mm Steel Baffle Plate Firebrick-lined heater base 10 Year Warranty

  • Jindara Tilga Grange Freestanding

    Jindara Tilga Grange Freestanding

    The Jindara Tilga and Grange are as powerful as they are beautiful. Incorporating the very best of what the Jindara range has to offer, these cast-iron lined woodheaters are perfect for those looking to invest in a visually stunning centrepiece for their home without compromise on performance. Standard Features Sleek and Modern Design 3-Speed Fan Cast Iron…

  • Jindara Tilga Grange

    Tilga/Grange Insert

    The apex of Australian wood heating! The visually striking Jindara Tilga and Grange offer the very best of Jindara design, functionality and endeavour. Their narrow fascia’s allow the heater to sit neatly within your wall or fireplace. Take comfort as the warmth is generously distributed throughout your home. Standard Features 3 Speed Fan Cast Iron Lined 8mm…