Euro Falun Group

Falun – Experience efficient heating with Falun, Euro Fireplaces’ highly popular model. With its ultra-low wood consumption, this heater delivers a clean and efficient burn. Simply light the heater for instant warmth, and let its powerful natural convection circulate air throughout your home. Enjoy prolonged heating by using slightly larger, well-seasoned logs, providing just enough airflow for a long, clean burn.

Falun Alvesta – Provides a petit base model for the ever-popular Falun line of Euro Fireplaces and provides an ultra-low wood consumption yet efficient clean burn.

Falun Ceramic – The tiled sides provide some heat bank on their own, but combined with additional refractory heat bank, results in one of Euro Fireplaces most popular heat bank heaters.

Falun Serpentino – Serpentino soapstone is one of the best natural materials at absorbing and holding heat. The Falun Serpentino is clad in 100kg of this soapstone heat bank that prolongs ember retention and ensures long lasting heat.

  • Outside Air Option
  • Optional Heatbanks
  • Easy to remove ash tray

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