Euro Brunner Pre-Built Refractory Kit

Optimised for Australia, the Panorama Inbuilt Refractory Kit is meticulously crafted by Brunner in Bavaria. This designer inbuilt refractory kit, available for both the BSK06 and BSK08 models, ensures a straightforward, cost-effective, and secure installation process. While a traditional brick installation is also feasible, a comprehensive Brick installation guide is readily accessible from Euro Fireplaces upon request.

Renowned for their efficiency and minimal emissions, the Brunner BSK06 and BSK08 models guarantee not only impeccably clean burning flames but also cater to the heating requirements of an average-sized Australian home with remarkable effectiveness through natural convection and heat storage.

The designer inbuilt kit offers versatile finishing options such as paint, render, tile, or stone cladding, providing flexibility to suit various aesthetic preferences. Designed for exposed flue installation to maximize efficiency, it also accommodates full enclosure up to the ceiling if desired.

Installation of the kit can be effortlessly undertaken by your builder with guidance from Euro Fireplaces. Alternatively, Euro Fireplaces offers trained kit installers, leaving the final finish to your builder. It’s crucial to note that flue installation must be carried out by a licensed plumber.

The BRUNNER kit system “BSK” boasts swift assembly, requiring just a few hours, thanks to its precisely formed heat-storing concrete components. Standing at 1.9m in height, this represents cutting-edge installation design, allowing you to harness the flue’s heat efficiently. Moreover, with the Brunner BSK design, there are no visible vents, ensuring a seamless aesthetic. A lower installation of 1.5m is also feasible.

Brunner stands as the epitome of Panorama wood heaters in Germany. Leveraging the BSK kit alongside your Brunner wood heater offers significant savings in installation costs without compromising on efficiency. Additionally, individual heaters are available should you opt for a custom installation, replicating the size of the BSK hot box with a brick hot box built up to the ceiling.