Euro Andorra Group

  • 4 Versions available to choose from
  • Andorra standard featured in our showroom.
  • 240sqm heating capacity

Euro Andorra Standard -Is a stylish and compact cylindrical heater that offers unmatched efficiency and environmental benefits. With a 45% lower emissions level than required, this fireplace delivers clean and efficient burning while maintaining powerful convection and heat bank capabilities. The Andorra provides warm, radiant heat in minutes, and will distribute warm air throughout your home after 20 minutes after lighting using natural convection. Optional Heat Bank available for slow release heat.

Andorra Exclusive РOffers efficient, clean burning with minimal wood consumption.  Elevated 50 cm from the floor on a stylish pedestal base,

Andorra Atika – Stay toasty even after the fire burns out with the top-of-the-line fireplace. Enjoy a clean and efficient burn with its ultra-low wood consumption and excellent tiled heatbank casing, sealed in by the heavy full glass door for added warmth. Let natural convection circulate warmth throughout your home and bask in the radiant heat for hours to come, supporting overnight burn capacity.

Cadiz Serpentino – A stunning and functional showpiece. The addition of Soapstone provides additional thermal mass and is the most efficient natural stone to absorb and hold heat. Natural convection will move warmth efficiently throughout your house, whilst radiant heat from the stone will give you extra warmth for many hours after the fire has gone out, supporting an effective overnight burn process.

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