Hergóm Laredo *Coming late 2024*

*Coming late 2024* Inquire For Timeframes if interested.

Approx 12kw heat output.

The Hergom Laredo Cooker Fireplace Combo seamlessly combines cooking and heating, providing a sustainable and economical solution perfect for an off-grid lifestyle. Its versatile design makes it ideal for both winter and year-round use, catering to modern needs.

Constructed from durable steel, the Hergom Laredo boasts a spacious oven that creates a cozy atmosphere. The oven’s base can be used for barbecuing or heating your room with its efficient combustion system, while the top oven is excellent for baking and roasting.

The oven includes two grill positions, maximizing its ample space. Grill racks can also be placed in the main firebox for direct flame cooking. Picture homemade bread or pizza from your own wood-fired oven – the taste is unbeatable. The double combustion wall construction ensures optimal air circulation and heating.

With simple yet effective air controls on the front, regulating both primary and secondary air intake is easy, ensuring effortless lighting and operation of the Hergom Laredo. After cooking, the Laredo Acre continues to serve as a dependable heat source, keeping you warm on cooler days and nights.

The Laredo must be installed in front of a non-combustible wall.


*Glass hearth as shown is no longer compliant with Australian standards.