flue clean

  • 6′′ Flue Brush Kit – 5m Extension

    Clean your flue safely from the ground and up to 5m with Forge’s flexible flue brush kit. Pull-thru and rooftop cleaning options are also supported. Product by Forge.

  • 6′′ Pull Through Flue Brush – 10m Rope

    Attach the snap-lock weighted ball-and-chain and brush to each end of the rope and pull thru the flue for an easy cleaning solution. Product by Forge.

  • Smart Burn

    Smart Burn is a technology which removes existing creosote and prevents further build up, cleans heater glass, achieves more value for your wood with less smoke. This product is effective for up to 3 months.This product is not a replacement for a proper flue clean, which is essential for your safety.