Morso 7900 Series

These high efficiency wood burners make a focal statement with the large curved front window and double-glazed glass to the sides. Small details are designed to delight, such as the polished stainless steel handle and self-closing door, which slides into place with a soft click.

Heat Capacity 100-150 m2
Heat Output 12.5kW
Maximum Efficiency 73%
Emissions 1.3 g/kg

Optional Heat Storage System

The 7900 series is available with optional soap stone heat storage, which allows you to utilise the fi re’s heat more efficiently and enjoy the heat many hours after the last firing.
Available in either low or high top module, the low module having one heat storage stone and the high top three. You control whether the heat from the stove’s combustion chamber should be delivered directly to the room or stored in the stones.

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