Esse Bakeheart

No ordinary bakers oven, the ESSE Bakeheart is designed for the serious lover of all things food and baking.

Its focus is to give you the ultimate cooking experience, as well as heating your home and hot water

The cooktop has a 4 zone temperature zones, you can boil to simmer so simply just by sliding your pot across the surface.

The firebox, is perfect for heating your home (up to 150+m2) also doubles up as a BBQ !

The design of the firebox to have the ESSE BBQ tray chargrill the perfect steak over your glowing embers is so unique (no more boring meat and 3 veggies!)

ESSE’s focus on the environment, the cooker is a true slow combustion wood stove that will burn all night long.

The 32-litre oven under the fire is massive, it’s a true oven that has ESSE’s patent wrap around heat can bake the perfect pie, and roast the most delicious leg of lamb.

The ESSE Bakeheart is design approved for passive homes.