ADF Linea 100 Duo Insert

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail the Linea 100 Duo becomes the embodiment of sophistication, serving as an exquisite centrepiece to elevate your interior décor. The sleek design effortlessly blends contemporary elegance with timeless charm, creating an ambience that is both inviting and alluring. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or entertaining guests, this fireplace provides the perfect backdrop for every occasion.

  • 200 – 250 sqm
  • Through-wall firebox with glass/doors on both sides for dual enjoyment
  • Zero Clearance Box [sold separately] or Masonry Installation
  • Wide format spreads comfort throughout your home
  • Crafted from high-strength 5 mm quality steel
  • Vermiculite Thermal Lined fire chamber for quick heat distribution
  • Air flow technology
  • Concealed door opening
  • Removeable Door Handle
  • User friendly single lever operation
  • Ability to connect a central air system, to distribute heat into other rooms
  • External Air Kit Connection [sold separately]
  • Selection of 30mm and 60mm return frames [sold separately]

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